Sex Workers Anonymous (888) 253-9619 or (702) 498-6211

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In order to keep our membership and program "confidential" and "anonymous" we ask that you please contact us by telephone at the above numbers.  Only another member will answer the phone.  You will then be referred to a local meeting in your area, or given the information you need.  We also have a Recovery Guide available and a telephone meeting for those who wish to remain truly "anonymous".  We are a 12 Step group for men and women who have a desire to leave the sex industry behind - and find recovery.

In order to control and protect the information you give us when you contact us - we do not have a professional service where we have no idea who is answering the phones, or where the files could be left laying around, or even the offices could be broken into in order to get access to information on the people who are contacting us for information. 

We have not listed this phone number with 411 - so that if someone "reverse directories" your phone logs - they will not know why you've called our number as it will just appear as a private cell phone.  Our mail is delivered a very secure, locked, location - not some open box that anyone can stumble upon your letter and address.  In order to make sure only one member of SWA that's trusted is answering your call, email and/or letter - this does mean it might take a little while to get back to you. 

You may also email us for information at

Sex Workers Anonymous
3395 S. Jones Blvd., #217
Las Vegas, NV 89146-4660
(888) 253-9619 Toll Free
(702) 920-8800 Fax
(702) 498-6211 International
(702) 416-5224 Cell Phone

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