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or (702) 488-1127


Sex Workers Anonymous

formerly "Prostitutes Anonymous"

c/o J. Williams

1421 N. Jones Blvd., #296

Las Vegas, NV 89108

Please use only the Comodo Dragon Brower, and set up a protonmail account if you want to send us an email confidentially.  We can not trust any Google or Yahoo product such as gmail or even Mozilla, nor Facebook either to keep your communications confidential.  You can also download SIGNAL if you wish to call us on that securely.



All calls, emails, texts, letters, etc., are confidential.  To protect your anonymity, we are not using gmail or yahoo for email any longer - but instead protonmail because it's not based in the USA.  We are covered under confidentiality laws grandfathered in by Alcoholics Anonymous - giving us the same protection as that of speaking to a doctor, lawyer or priest.  However, we sadly have no control over hacking and illegal surveillance common these days as revealed to us by men like Edward Snowden.  So please feel free to keep specifics about names, dates, etc., to yourself when speaking to anyone in any program.  We don't care what you did in the past -  only what your problem is today and how we can help.  You do not have to use your real name when speaking to us either.  We do not reveal your contact information to law enforcement or anyone for any reason unless juveniles are in danger.  

We are not connected with law enforcement.  If you feel you need to report a crime please contact the National Trafficing Hotline or CrimeStoppers if you wish to remain anonymous.   We are here solely to focus on your exit process.

Our program is designed for adults.  However, if you are under 18 years of age - then you should consult our sister program Sexual Exploitation Anonymous.  If you are a family member concerned about someone - please contact SWAN.

Please note - the address here is not an office.  For security purposes we maintain a mail box service at that address.  The workers at that store don't know anything about our program.  We do not hold meetings there.  That is strictly a mail service.


If you need to meet with a member of SWA in person - you need to arrange that through the main office of SWA at that contact information.  After witnessing what happened to ACORN and Planned Parenthood - we do not grant personal meetings for interviews or research purposes any longer.  

Please be careful of "faux" websites appearing to be our own.  We have had "imposters" pretending to be us to gather information on our members because we won't release the information nor sell it to anyone so some have resorted to other measures like setting up fake websites appearing to be us.  

One website is up pretending to be a "bashing" of us but in reality it attaches a tracking cookie to all who go there.  An attempt to get information on who is contacting us any way they can.   If you go to www.sexworkersanonymous.org - you will see that tracking cookie attach itself to your site and they capture your IP address - while attempting to look like they're bashing us.  This is a clever attempt to get your IP address since we won't give out that information to anyone.

This website is the "official" website for SWA so unless you're speaking to someone at THESE phone numbers or emails - then it might not be us in reality.  We are taking every measure we can to protect your anonymity. 

That goes for any nonprofit who accepts money from Craigslist such as the Red Umbrella Fund, the EFF, and other such organizations shown on their website, or any nonprofit who accepts donations from Swanee Hunt's foundation either such as Domina Elle's art gallery in Denver, CO, who then donates to Maxine Doogan.  Yes we've got copies of the tax returns showing this flow of money is real. 

These organizations report information on any donors, and "members" to the government through their tax returns.  This is why Sex Workers Anonymous is NOT  a 501c3 nonprofit - we do not want to report on any of our donors or members to the government through the IRS or otherwise.   

Nor will we "share" information on who visits our site with our "partners" as does Polaris as stated on their website for the National Trafficking Hotline. 

That is why we do not have "partners".  When you contact us, that contact is supposed to be confidential by LAW.  We aim to keep it that way.  This has made us a target sadly as you can read by checking out the lawsuit at www.williamsvsusa.com